Wide opportunities of digital system

In the new era of the Revival of a powerful state, in the year of “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, modern reforms are being carried out in the development of the agricultural sector through the efforts of the Respected President. The efforts of our esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to develop agriculture and introduce a digital system are yielding positive results.

As you know, at present, cooperation in the field of science and education between several prestigious higher educational institutions of our country and the world is widely established and successfully carried out.

Online conferences and training lessons with representatives of relevant companies are regularly held in the specialized classrooms for high-performance equipment of the countries of the world operating at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute through a digital system. Also in June, a digital video communication lesson was organized on the topic: “Operation and maintenance of Komatsu excavators of an average degree” with the participation of Zapevalov Artem Petrovich, technical trainer of the Komatsu Training Department CIS.

This aroused great interest among the students, as well as an exchange of questions and answers from various fields about the design, operation, hydraulic systems and maintenance of Komatsu excavators. This gives students the opportunity to study engineering with great interest while increasing their respect for their profession.

They express their gratitude to the national Leader of the Turkmen people, Hero Arkadag and Arkadag Serdar, who make their tireless efforts to develop science and the education system, introduce a digital system, and make young students become perfect professionals.

Lecturer of Turkmen Agricultural Institute